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Life ain’t fair
okay i really need your opinion.. i know this guy for about 5 months and i really start liking him A LOT. we acted like we're a couple, but..he has a gf (over 4y). we talk almost non-stop every day, go out a lot, we kiss, cuddle, .. he says the cutest things, also that he loves me. but he has a gf?! i really don't know if i should give up or try to "convince" him that if he loves me, he doesn't have to be afraid to tell his gf.. p f f what do you think..?

So he’s in a relationships for over four years and you thought, well why not have some fun? I would really not appreciate that if anyone did that to me and I think he’s just a fucking douchebag. Can’t understand both of you so I won’t help you out, I’m sorry. If they are in a relationship and they are happy, you should leave them alone.